ACCA Conference

ACCA 2024 Annual Conference

October 15 - 17, 2024
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre


Catalysts of Change: Advancing Innovation in Continuing Care Transformation

In many respects, the COVID pandemic was a massive catalyst in helping the continuing care sector, regulators, and staff to accelerate an innovation agenda. Whether it was the installation of high-speed Internet at care homes or embracing iPads as a communication tool for residents, our sector found a way to innovate as a means of maintaining a higher quality of life and delivering top level care.

Coming out of the pandemic, it will take resolve, energy, and commitment to keep our sector on a path that embraces and encourages innovation. At the Calgary conference, we will discuss how innovation holds the key for real, lasting, and sustainable transformation within our sector. Are we doing enough outside of the critical period of a global pandemic to embrace innovation and make sure ideas are turned into action? Does innovation hold the key to addressing many of the key issues and challenges facing our sector over the coming decade? We plan to answer these questions and many more through our various plenary discussions, speaker sessions and networking events.

We will explore how innovation is about introducing new elements or improvements within the existing framework, while transformation implies a more extensive and often fundamental change that can reshape the entire entity. Our guest speakers will focus on how innovation can be a component of transformation, contributing to the overall change process. However, not all innovations in the continuing care sector will automatically lead to transformation, as transformation requires a more comprehensive and systemic shift.

Over 400 delegates and exhibitors will be gathering in Calgary, October 15-17, 2024 for one of the largest gatherings of continuing care operators in Canada. 

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