The Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA) represents the owners and operators of continuing care facilities and home care and support organizations in Alberta. 

Through advocacycommunication and partnership development, we provide focus and a unified voice on behalf of our members towards strategic planning and positive outcomes for the best possible continuing care for all Albertans.

Our members are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about providing quality and innovative care. Our active and diverse membership helps ensure our representation with government, the public, and other partners and stakeholders is accurate and informed. Our Members Truly Are Our Greatest Strength!

It's no secret that today's world is vastly different from when ACCA came into existence in 1981. The way we communicate with one another has changed, our province's demographics have changed, the complexity of the needs of people requiring continuing care continue to evolve, as do their expectations and those of their family and loved ones as to what quality care means.

Given all this change, through a Strategic Planning session hosted in 2016 and with data garnered from our membership, we revitalized our Mission, Vision, and Values and set forth four key long-term goals.

1. Member Value

ACCA CEO Tammy Leach with MP Terry Duguid and MP Adam Vaughan for CALTC's Lobby Day on Parliament Hill
ACCA CEO Tammy Leach with MP Terry Duguid and MP Adam Vaughan for CALTC's Lobby Day on Parliament Hill

ACCA delivers membership value that attracts and retains members and ensures sustainability of the association.

Strategic initiatives include:

  • Quality networking opportunities, including our annual Inspiring Quality (IQ) Conference, Membership Meetings, Strategic Workshops and Networking Receptions
  • Active participation in industry events and showcasing our members' services
  • Affinity programs - opportunities for savings
  • Developing and presenting position papers and reports
  • Writing media releases and articles
  • Attending legislative reviews on behalf of the continuing care sector
  • Attending meetings and networking events with Ministers and government officials 
  • Being an active member of the Canadian Association for Long Term Care (CALTC) as well as numerous other organizations

2. Member Engagement

Guests cheer at our IQ 2016 Conference!
Guests cheer at our IQ 2016 Conference!

ACCA understands the evolving issues and expectations of our members.

We strive to communicate effectively with our membership about our activities, upcoming events and news in the continuing care sector. Through a weekly electronic newsletter and special communications, we represent a reliable source of information for our members. We encourage our members to communicate and share ideas with us and one another. There are lots of examples of innovation in care delivery, best practices, and inspirational stories of hope that we want to share on your behalf! Contact us at any time!


3. Community Engagement

ACCA is a leader in communicating, informing, educating, and engaging our clients, residents and families and the public about Continuing Care.

Clients and families, and the greater public, may not be aware of the key challenges of providing quality accommodation and health care services, and the challenges facing homecare providers in meeting growing demands.

For instance, Did You Know...

  • > 50% of Long Term Care facilities in Alberta are 30 years or older
  • Accommodation Fees in Alberta are the second lowest in Canada
  • Alberta has the highest dementia rate and the youngest onset of dementia in Canada
  • Today: 470,000 seniors over the age of 65 in Alberta. That number is expected to swell to 804,000 in 2025 and 1.13 million in 2035
  • The average Albertan is living longer
  • Their health and safety needs are becoming more complex

4. Public Policy

ACCA will influence public policy to achieve a high quality and sustainable continuing care system for Albertans.

In 2016 alone, ACCA's numerous activities included participation in:

  • Supportive Living Accommodations Legislation Stakeholder Meetings
  • Alberta Government Minimum Wage Consultations
  • Stakeholder Involvement Sessions on Home Care and Nursing Home Regulations
  • Alberta Labour Essential Services Symposium
  • Medical Assistance in Dying Panel consultations

With a sister association, we hosted our annual Continuing Care Awareness Reception for Members of the Legislative Assembly.

ACCA also put forth a proposed framework for a Government review of the Continuing Care system. The review panel should be comprised of individuals who are not vested in the issue, capable of understanding the complex systems and who are able to rigorously apply a resident/client-centred lens to the review process. Suggested components include arriving at a Resident/Client-Centred Service, Legislation, Policy and Program Review, System Responsibilities, and System Resources.

Relationships, partnerships and smart collaborations are essential in being an influential "voice at the table". Various committees and forums in which we participate, or have member participation on ACCA's behalf, include:

  • Canadian Association for Long Term Care
  • Continuing Care Collaborative Committee
  • Continuing Care Quality Steering Committee
  • Health Care Aide Advisory Committees
  • Industry Task Force Association
  • Home Care Collaborative Working Group