Affinity Programs

ACCA Energy Program

Alberta Continuing Care Association is proud to offer members the ACCA Energy Program

The benefits of participating in the ACCA Energy Program include:

  • Through the power of aggregation, members stand to gain a better price than can likely be secured by going directly to a supplier on their own.
  • Provides cost certainty and/or cost savings with respect to electricity and/or natural gas usage.
  • Provides peace of mind that your electricity and natural gas expenses are being strategically managed with the best interests of your organization in mind.
  • Provides transparency with respect to available options and the fees associated with those solutions.
  • Frees up time and resources so that you can focus on activities that are core to your organization.
  • Provides trusted, unbiased advice with respect to very complicated and volatile services utilized by your organization.

The Process is Easy!

Time is money so it is important to keep things simple. Our energy program takes this to heart so the process involved to participate in the program is easy.

  • Visit for more information on our energy partner and the ACCA Energy Program.
  • Provide your current electricity or natural gas bills for review.
  • 8760 will examine the bills and look for opportunities to improve the current situation either with respect to the commodity price and/or distribution and transmission costs.
  • 8760 will provide recommendations regarding the best course of action based on discussed goals and strategies.
  • If the opportunity exists, your organization will be included in the aggregation pool which will be tendered out for bid by various suppliers to secure a commodity price and term.
  • At the conclusion of the tender process, a final price will be provided to your organization along with applicable supporting paperwork.
  • 8760 will take over the management of your energy program for the duration of your contract.

It's that easy!

ACCA Cellular Program

ACCA has partnered with 8760 to bring you the ACCA Member Cellular Program, which allows for all your organization's cellphone lines to be more easily managed and billed to the organization. This plan provides the option for ACCA Member organizations to potentially reduce monthly expenses. Cost comparison analytics between a current cellular invoice and the special ACCA rates can be provided at no cost to members. 

To see how your current rates compare to those offered through the program, please contact Michelle Kerr at or 587-785-5545. 

ACCA Member Employee Cellular Program

In addition, the ACCA Member Employee Cellular Program provides an employee benefit through special discounted cellular plans and phones, billed directly to employees of ACCA members, independently from organizational accounts.

This plan provides the option for all employees of ACCA Members, their families, and friends to either join the program with their existing devices or upgrade to new phones on a discounted rate plan. Based on a three-year agreement, with an option to get a new phone every two years, incentives to this plan include potentially reduced monthly cellular costs, credit to customers switching from other networks, and subsidized hardware pricing. The maximum monthly charge is dependent on the data plan selected. This benefit is open and available to all ACCA member employees. Interested employees will be invoiced directly and independently of the ACCA Member organization by which they are employed. There is no liability for the organization.

To be eligible for either of these plans, you must be a current ACCA Member, or be employed by one, and set up pre-authorized payments for monthly invoicing. An employee can add family members and friends, with the stipulation that monthly invoices are paid by the employee themselves.

These cellular plans are offered and managed exclusively through 8760. 

To sign up, or for any questions, please contact 8760 directly, through Michelle Kerr at or 587-785-5545.