About Our Members

Our members are a diverse group comprising organizations providing care, support, and accommodations to seniors and individuals requiring care, as well as associations and corporations providing ,services and products involved in the delivery of continuing care. Membership is available in three categories - Voting Members, Associate Members and Corporate Members.  

Member organizations provide care and services for over 12,000 long term care (LTC) and designated supportive living (DSL) individuals and over 5.7 million hours of Home Care to Albertans. Our members are committed to advancing quality of care, quality of life, and enhanced wellness for Albertans requiring Continuing Care!

In addition to the organizations providing care, accommodations and support to seniors and vulnerable adults, ACCA has over 20 Corporate Members, who provide various services and products to those involved in the continuing care system. 

We place great value on the relationships and knowledge of our diverse membership which is key to ACCA's growth and recognition as the voice of Continuing Care in Alberta. This diversity allows us to best understand and communicate the issues that most impact people requiring Continuing Care. 

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To become a member, please contact our office.