National Dementia Strategy - 2019

Based on the work of the Ministerial Advisory Board on Dementia, the Federal Government released their National Dementia Strategy for Canada. The strategy is comprehensive and is based on achieving three key national objectives:

  1. Preventing dementia
  2. Advancing therapies and finding a cure
  3. Improving the quality of life of people living with dementia and their caregivers

Many seniors living in long-term care suffer from dementia, and the implementation of this strategy will help to support the vast majority of our residents, as well as their families. Further, there are other elements of this strategy that can serve as building blocks for ACCA as we continue to advocate for seniors living in long-term care. This includes the "skilled workforce" pillar, which outlines the importance of having a quality workforce to treat the needs of seniors living with dementia. This aligns with ACCA's recommendation to increase the capacity of our health human resources in seniors' care.

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