COVID-19 Related Measures Act Welcome News for Continuing Care

Apr 22, 2021

Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA) providers welcome the government’s proposed COVID-19 Related Measures Act. The proposed legislation will substantially support the continued provision of much-needed healthcare services across the province.

“Our health system has navigated this difficult situation throughout the pandemic while delivering quality health services and protecting Albertans. The proposed legislation would ensure those delivering health services cannot be held liable for damages due to COVID-19 spread or exposure as long as they follow public health orders, guidance and legislation.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

“Our association has advocated for liability protection to protect operators who have been diligently following public health orders and recommendations during the pandemic. We are pleased the Alberta government is introducing COVID-19 civil liability protection legislation since it would ensure the protection and sustainability of the continuing care sector as a whole.”

Salimah Walji-Shivji, board chair, Alberta Continuing Care Association

Throughout the pandemic, families, clients and residents across Alberta have relied on continuing care homes and staff to continue providing high quality care to meet clients’ and residents’ needs. The proposed legislation aligns with legislation introduced in other Canadian jurisdictions, striking a balance between protecting those who have diligently followed public health regulations, with still allowing civil action to proceed against those whose actions may have been grossly negligent. This supports continuity of necessary care service delivery to Albertans, as well as continued adherence to public health guidance by healthcare providers during the pandemic.

The ACCA looks forward to further collaboration with the provincial government, Alberta Health Services and healthcare sector partners, as we continue to serve the needs of vulnerable Albertans across the province.

Contact: Wayne Morishita, ACCA Executive Director, 780.435.0699,