Alberta Continuing Care Association Applauds Groundbreaking Investments in Continuing Care

Mar 15, 2024 Announcements

Edmonton, Alberta — The Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA) celebrates a monumental advancement in the province's healthcare system, heralded by the government's recent announcement of substantial investments and initiatives aimed at transforming continuing care in Alberta.

Feisal Keshavjee, Board Chair of the ACCA, lauded the government's commitment during his speech at a pivotal conference, marking today as a significant milestone in enhancing healthcare accessibility and efficiency across Alberta. The government has unveiled a comprehensive plan that includes a remarkable allocation of $1.7 billion towards continuing care, alongside strategic measures to diminish wait times for Alternative Level of Care (ALC) patients.

"The Alberta Continuing Care Association is thrilled and proud to be a partner in this transformative investment in continuing care." Keshavjee stated. "The new funding and strategic leadership will significantly improve the well-being of individuals needing support throughout their lives. These strategies will tackle system challenges such as wait times, length of stay in acute care units, and enhancing community-based services."

The continuation of the $1 billion investment over three years for the transformation of continuing care underlines a historic commitment to the future of healthcare in the province. This funding will bolster community care services, workforce capacity and training, and quality standards across the care continuum. Furthermore, the Continuing Care Capital Program's $654 million budget over three years is set to fund the creation of over 1,600 new continuing care spaces, illustrating a steadfast commitment to infrastructure expansion.

In addition to infrastructure enhancements, the immediate establishment of over 150 temporary continuing care spaces, with nearly 1000 more projected by 2025, and the formation of a new continuing care organization, signal a proactive and integrated approach to healthcare delivery. The announcement also includes an additional $139 million in bilateral federal/provincial funding for the Aging with Dignity program, which aims to enhance home and community care in conjunction with primary care services.

"On behalf of the ACCA and its members, I extend profound gratitude to our government for their visionary leadership and dedication to the health and wellbeing of Albertans," Keshavjee added. "Today's announcements not only signify a significant milestone but also highlight our collective commitment to building a healthcare system that is resilient, responsive, and equitable for everyone."

The ACCA remains committed to working alongside the government and all stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of these transformative initiatives, ensuring equitable access to high-quality care for all Albertans.

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About the Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA):

The ACCA is a non-profit organization representing the interests of providers of health, social, and support services for seniors and other individuals requiring continuing care in Alberta. The ACCA is dedicated to advocating for a comprehensive and sustainable continuing care system that ensures Albertans receive the care they need when they need it.