ACCA Welcomes New Budget 2024 Investments in Long-Term Care and Homecare

Feb 29, 2024 Announcements

Edmonton, Alberta (Feb 29, 2024) – The Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA) welcomes the Province of Alberta’s Budget 2024 announcement today that will see $1 Billion over 3 years to transform the Continuing Care system to shift care to the community, enhance workforce capacity, and improving access to underserved populations.  This new funding will strengthen and modernize Continuing Care to increase choice, equitable and timely access, innovation, and improve the quality of care delivery in Continuing Care.

"On behalf of the continuing care sector, we are pleased to see the Government of Alberta recognizing that new investments and structural reform are critically necessary in our sector. The ACCA is committed to collaborating and partnering with the Government on this health reform, demonstrating our dedication to enhancing care and support for our community," says Feisal Keshavjee, Chair of ACCA. “We welcome these new investments, which serve to bolster care choices, improve quality of life, and support Albertans’ ability to remain at home in their community longer.”

 “We all know Alberta’s population is ageing, and that will require the Government of Alberta to remain laser-focused on supporting seniors and their care providers over the coming years,” adds Keshavjee. “The ACCA has been at the forefront of advocating for increased investments in capital and operating funding to ensure adequate services are available throughout Alberta for seniors when and where they need them.”

 “Given the workforce shortages in our sector, we’re most pleased to see new investments in helping to recruit and retain the healthcare workers of the future,’ says Keshavjee. “This was an issue the ACCA identified to be of critical importance, and it's great to see Premier Danielle Smith and Health Minister Adriana Lagrange continuing to listen to seniors, their families and the people who care for them.”

For more information, please contact:
Michelle Charlesworth, Interim Director, ACCA | | 780-435-0699