ACCA Releases Continuing Care Act Engagement Report

Feb 15, 2023 Announcements Featured

The ACCA is pleased to share the Association's “Continuing Care Act” Engagement Report. ACCA contracted Howegroup, a boutique consulting firm, in September 2022 as part of work with Alberta Health to gather feedback to inform the development of regulations associated with the Government of Alberta’s new Continuing Care Act, also known as Bill 11.

The new Continuing Care Act was initially introduced in March 2022, and ACCA has worked to ensure that our members and key stakeholders' input, including the public, is considered for the development of regulations before the Act comes into force.

The report reflects a number of different engagement activities with various stakeholders who will be impacted by the new regulations, including ACCA members, continuing care operators, families, residents and clients, sector employees, and the public. The report also includes an in-depth summary of the feedback and findings from each group.

The comprehensive engagement uncovered concerns with ‘the Act’ that the ACCA will continue to advocate for, including the lack of details that leaves room for interpretation when implemented, penalties, and the need for funding to accompany the changes required to support implementation.

ACCA will also champion the opportunities identified, such as increased efficiencies for operators, career growth for workers, improved outcomes for residents, and the transformation of continuing care to a system that is more accessible and easier to navigate.

Looking ahead, the ACCA will be using the report findings to help inform advocacy activities and will continue to work closely with Alberta Health on regulations.



Contact: Wayne Morishita, Executive Director | | 780-435-0699