ACCA Media Statement: Financial Relief Eases Inflationary Increases to Accommodation Costs for Albertans

Jul 29, 2022

Additional Financial Relief Eases Inflationary Increases to Accommodation Costs for Albertans in Continuing Care

Calgary -- Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA) welcomes the Alberta Government’s announcement of an additional $11 million in funding to support to Albertans residing in designated supportive living (DSL) and long-term care (LTC). This latest funding is in addition to a previous funding commitment of almost $14 million.

“This additional funding is a critical support to Albertans living in continuing care because residents won’t have to shoulder the full burden of the inflationary accommodation increase of 5.5% that was due to hit on November 1,” says ACCA Co-Chair Shawn Terlson.

Accommodation fees are calculated annually by the government based on the Alberta Consumer Price Index, but this year’s increase is much higher than typical. This funding will subsidize operators for 2.3% of the increase, supporting residents from the offset.

Feisal Keshavjee, ACCA Co-Chair adds, “With this announcement we see that the Alberta government recognizes the extent of financial pressures that both the pandemic and inflation rates are having on quality of care and operations at DSL and LTC facilities. They’ve reacted in a proactive manner that allows operators of continuing care facilities to seamlessly carry on the accustomed level of care and support for residents, and we at ACCA wholeheartedly celebrate the decision.”

The support shown to operators, on behalf of residents, by the provincial government is making a huge difference not only for the pocketbooks of vulnerable Albertans, but the subsidy ensures operators feeling the inflationary pinch are provided the opportunity to continue delivering the best quality care to their residents.


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