ACCA Media Statement: ACCA Operators Proactive in Protecting Residents

Jan 14, 2022


Edmonton – Since the pandemic began in 2020, Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA) member care homes have worked tirelessly to adhere to all provincial mandates and recommendations, and in many instances have implemented enhanced safety measures to keep their residents and staff safe. These include ensuring that staff work exclusively at one site only, assessing staff twice per shift to determine their fitness for work, and wearing PPE when working with residents. Residents are also assessed each shift for symptoms.

Wayne Morishita, Executive Director of the ACCA, says, “Alberta continuing care operators are managing the fifth wave of COVID-19 with continued diligence and perseverance and immediately implemented additional measures which include enhanced screening of both staff and visitors before entering member care homes, and frequent testing of staff. If a staff member exhibits symptoms or tests positive, they are required to isolate immediately.”

In addition to these measures, the vast majority of residents have been fully immunized including booster doses, and all continuing care staff are fully vaccinated with booster dose vaccinations currently underway.

Morishita added, “while there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in continuing care homes due to Omicron, the impact has been much less severe than previous waves which reflects the success of the vaccination program and the infection prevention and control measures implemented by ACCA operators.”

ACCA is grateful for the strong collaboration with their partners at Alberta Heath and Alberta Health Services, who have worked closely with ACCA throughout the pandemic. This has been critical in keeping residents and staff safe.

Contact: Wayne Morishita, Executive Director, 587.982.7465