ACCA Media Statement: Home Care Funding a Welcome Announcement

Sep 10, 2021

The Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA) welcomes the Government of Alberta’s announcement of up to $36 million in new funding to improve wages and create additional workforce capacity within home care and facility-based continuing care.

Home care is an important part of continuing care in Alberta. The ACCA has been advocating for increased funding to help more Albertans get the care they need in their homes and communities and are pleased to see this response to their efforts.

“The Alberta Continuing Care Association welcomes this additional funding to improve Alberta’s continuing care system as a whole. Our members provide care and services for over 13,000 individuals in long term care and designated supportive living settings and over 5.2 million hours of home care to Albertans.” - Salimah Walji-Shivji, Chair, Alberta Continuing Care Association

The government’s investment in home care will help address staffing shortages experienced in the sector across the province and provide immediate support to ensure sustainability of this type of essential care for Albertans in their own homes and communities. The ACCA is also pleased that Alberta Health Services is increasing funding to assist agencies in increasing authorized home care hours — supporting the shift to more care in the community as recommended in the Facility-Based Continuing Care review.

This means greater access to care and helping seniors remain safe, independent, and well in their homes for as long as possible, prior to making the transition to greater levels of care.

Contact: Wayne Morishita, ACCA Executive Director,