Our members are a diverse group comprising of organizations providing care, support and accommodations to seniors and disabled adults, and associations and corporations providing services and products involved in the deliver of continuing care.

Membership is available in three categories--Voting Members, Associate Members and Corporate Members
Our Voting Members consist of a unique alliance made up of long term care, supportive living facilities and home care and supports. Our members are operating in both the private and not for profit sectors throughout the province of Alberta. Long term care centres operate under the Nursing Homes Act, the Hospitals Act and standards established by the provincial government and Alberta Health Services. 
Our members' care staff deliver more than 21 million hours of resident care each year. 
ACCA members employ over 16,000 Albertans, providing "hands-on" care and support. Members in the three categories provide accommodations, care and supports to more than 46,000 seniors and disabled adults in Alberta's continuing care system.

ACCA members represent over 40 service organizations providing care to over 10,000 clients, or almost three of every four Albertans in continuing care system. 

In addition to the organizations providing care, accommodations and support to seniors and disabled adults, ACCA has over 20 Corporate Members, who provide various services and products to those involved in the continuing care system.


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To become a member, please contact our office.