IQ 2018: What's In a Number?

IQ 2018: What's In a Number? was a wonderful success! ACCA would like to thank the many Delegates, Members, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Guest Speakers, Volunteers, and guests who helped make the Conference a great event. Congratulations to all of the Awards of Excellence nominees and winners who provide exceptional person-centred innovative care every day!

At the bottom of this page are some photo highlights in case you missed the event!

We measure our lives by milestone birthdays. Too often, though, the mile markers on life's highway cause anxiety instead of excitement. While aging is inevitable, changing the conversation so that we embrace aging can only bring positive results. The "magic numbers" of life can become less confining and life's transition can be the adventure we often take for granted!

At IQ 2018, we celebrated seniors who are doing amazing things regardless of their number. We examined opportunities for government, the public, care providers and others to work together to change the conversation. We looked at technology and the role of innovative thinking in making this possible, examined emerging research, and considered other "numbers" such as demographics, gaps in resources, aging of infrastructure, among others.

Visit for complete details. And Save the Date for IQ 2019 - October 23 & 24, 2019!