National Dementia Care Assessment recommends priorities for a Canadian Dementia Strategy

Jan 17, 2019

A Canadian Academy of Health Sciences expert panel on dementia released their report outlining priorities for a national dementia strategy. 

The assessment entitled Improving the Quality of Life and Care of Persons Living with Dementia and their Caregivers: CAHS National Dementia Care Assessment was conducted by a six-member panel of distinguished multidisciplinary experts.

Based on the best evidence and emerging best practices, the Assessment recommends that the development of a national strategy on dementia consider the following seven priorities:

  1. Engaging persons living with dementia
  2. Prevention, awareness and living well with dementia
  3. Improving health and social care for persons living with dementia
  4. Education and support for caregivers
  5. Building and supporting the health and social care workforce
  6. Creating and translating knowledge on dementia
  7. Supporting research and innovation in all stages of dementia

Click here to visit CAHS to download the assessment.