Initiative for New Publicly Funded Spaces a Smart and Sensible Approach That Will Benefit Seniors Across the Province

Sep 02, 2020

ACCA Media Release

The Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA), the Recognized Voice of Continuing Care in Alberta, commends the Government of Alberta’s announcement of an initiative for new publicly funded spaces without additional capital funding in communities identified as priority.

“Every Albertan wants to age in grace and with dignity, close to family and friends. Targeting communities most in need means that more Albertans will have quicker access to continuing care, closer to home,” said ACCA Board Chair Jennifer McCue. “This is a smart and sensible approach that will benefit Alberta seniors in communities across the province, particularly given the economic challenges that we are all faced with and a swelling senior population with increasingly complex needs. Having a Continuing Care system that provides safe, quality care and supports to Albertans through partnerships with willing and committed non-profit, faith-based and independent providers alongside their public counterparts just makes sense.”

The ACCA has appreciated the ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Alberta Health Services and extends our sincerest thanks to Premier Kenney and Minister Shandro as we work together to create the best possible continuing care industry, ensuring all continuing care operations are funded equitably and sufficiently across the province. “Better quality of life and care for Albertans in the safe and comfortable environments they so deserve, and better value to taxpayers can simultaneously be provided by working together,” said ACCA Executive Director Wayne Morishita. “Today’s announcement is a welcome first step towards that goal and the ACCA looks forward to continued collaboration through future phases of this important initiative.”

About ACCA – ACCA members include both non-profit and for-profit owners and operators across the spectrum of continuing care, including home care, supportive living, and long term care. We provide care and services for almost 13,000 long term care and designated supportive living individuals and over 5.2 million hours of home care to Albertans. The recognized voice of Continuing Care in the province, our mission is to champion quality of care, quality of life and enhanced wellness for Albertans receiving Continuing Care services.

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