Alberta Budget 2018: Continuing Care looks to upcoming budget for new approaches with focus on Quality, not ownership type

Mar 20, 2018

Edmonton, March 20, 2018 - Alberta’s continuing care providers are hopeful the Provincial Government Budget will make continuing care a priority in the upcoming Alberta Budget. “The Alberta Government has been working on developing a strategy for seniors-care projects. We are optimistic that the focus on a new strategy for seniors’ care will be on ensuring our seniors and those in need receive the highest quality of care possible, and that the Budget will reflect the challenges in this important area of health care,” says Tammy Leach, Chief Executive Officer of the Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA).

“Thousands of Albertans and their families depend on the three streams of Continuing Care (home care, supportive living and long term care) to look after their loved ones,” said Leach. “Unfortunately, the investment that has been available in recent years has not kept pace with increases in the costs of delivering care and operating homes. This has put pressure on staff and operators and can have an impact on care for Albertans,” she said.

Studies have shown that Alberta’s continuing care operators and home care organizations deliver a high level of care. However, the industry is facing growth in demand with an aging population and increasingly complex needs, at the same time as clients, residents and families are changing expectations for the kind of care that should be offered.

“Our member organizations want to respond to these trends with respectful, flexible and innovative care. They are looking forward to working collaboratively in partnership with the Government under an updated approach to funding and regulation that recognizes the evolving needs of Albertans and families,” said Leach.

“We are hoping the Budget will identify the approach the Government is going to take to improve investment and support for these services,” said Leach. “We know the Government is facing fiscal challenges and has very difficult decisions to make. Ideally, we will see a commitment to future processes that will ensure we can continue to meet the needs of Albertans. A sustainable vision is needed to support innovative strategy so that Albertans receive the quality care and services in the safe and comfortable environments they so deserve,” she said.