ACCA Responds to Calgary Herald Editorial Cartoon

Jun 01, 2020

Calgary Herald Editorial Cartoon Entirely Appalling and Inappropriate

June 1, 2020

The Alberta Continuing Care Association would like to comment on an Editorial Cartoon that appeared in the May 29, 2020 edition of the Calgary Herald which depicts steps leading up to a dumpster emblazoned with “Nursing Home” on the side.

To say that this depiction is inappropriate is putting it lightly. The cartoon demonstrates a complete lack of compassion for residents and families whose loved ones reside within Continuing Care Facilities. The impact this cartoon has on residents, loved ones and care providers, who have worked tirelessly to deliver quality and compassionate care services when and where they are needed, is immeasurable and totally unwarranted.

Everyday, but especially during this Pandemic, one defining thread is the commitment of the highly dedicated, caring, and hard-working staff who work in support of Alberta’s seniors and most vulnerable citizens.

The Alberta Continuing Care Association has been a vocal advocate for a comprehensive review of the continuing care system to address the current and future needs of Alberta’s seniors and persons with disabilities. The current Pandemic has highlighted chronic systemic issues that need to be addressed. To imply, however, that Albertans entering the continuing care system are getting into the equivalent of a garbage dumpster is a sign of ignorance and lack of compassion for this transition in the lives of thousands of Albertans a year and to the thousands of front-line care providers who have shown incredible commitment, risking their own health in working tirelessly to support Albertans, day-in and day-out.

Our collective membership, speaking on behalf of 100 members that provide care for over 33,000 Alberta seniors, is disgusted by this editorial cartoon. Not only is it not funny, it is undeniably cruel, and the Calgary Herald should apologize for this insensitive depiction.